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RxLean - A simple method to lose the weight

RxLean Medical Weight Loss

Rx Lean TM  Medical Weight Loss $399 includes: 

(4 week take home kit) 

Rx Lean Injections

Rx Lean Lipo/MIC Vitamin Injections

Add on: 

Prescription Medications for Appetite Suppression *EKG required


Try Rx Lean it for 2 weeks! Only $199.50

* Labs if needed, are typically covered by your insurance and we offer affordable cash fees pricing  for those who do not have insurance   

How It Works

RxLean Medical Weight Loss

​Our practice focus views weight loss and wellness as both are intertwined.
Weight management is a life plan, losing the desired weight and keeping it off. 
RxLean Medical Weight Managment
Achieve Healthy Weight Maintenance
Decrease Your Food Cravings
Break Unhealthy Habits
Stop Running to the Refrigerator
Stop Eating Out of Boredom
Stop Eating Even When Your Full
"The Secret is in The Dose"
We keep it simple.
We make it effective.
A  program for life.
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