Adult Medicine: Meeting Your Needs

Focused Care

Obtaining and Maintaining Optimal Health

  • Our Pimary Care Services are a personalized approach to assessment, treatment, and management of your health care concerns and include:
  • Preventative Medicine with nutritional, lifestyle, and fitness counseling. 
  • Wellness/Physical Exams, which include quality of life measures with a body, mind, and soul approach.
    • Phone consult and evaluation when necessary. You can call and be treated anywhere.
    • Pre-operative clearance.
    • Supervision of in-hospital stays if preferred.
    • Follow- up visits to fully review results of testing in order to further promote understanding of your health patterns.
    • The opportunity to get to know you as an individual with plenty of time for unique lifestyle and health profile assessments and individualized treatment plans.

      Collaborate, comfort, review treatment regimens and work towards health goals specific for each individual.

      Advocate with specialists and other care providers on your behalf.

      Be available when you need us with appointments that start on time, when you want, how you want, tailored just for your particular needs.

Conditions we treat

Providing the care you need

Adult Medicine


Aches and pains/arthritis 

Colds and flu



Weight Management 


Erectile Dysfunction

Disc trauma/Sprains and strains





Our fees

Adult Medicine Initial OV $150

Adult Medicine Follow up OV $125

Lifestyle Mens Health

$185 / Month (Take home testosterone injections, estrogen blocker medication and HCG) with follow up visits every 3 months

* Discounts for active military and first responders

LIfestyle Womens Health

$120 / Month after Initial Adult Medicine OV (Take home hormone creams) with follow up visits every 3-4 months

RxLean Medical Weight Loss $179 includes: 

(30 daytake home kit) 

Rx Lean HCG (Injections)

Rx Lean Appetite Suppression Medications

Rx Lean Lipo/MIC Vitamin Injections      

* Labs are typically covered by your insurance and we offer affordable cash fees pricing  for those who do not have insurance                                                                                                                                    

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